Life After Graduation

Today I was invited back to the University of Surrey, where I studied for my undergraduate in Dance and Culture, to speak to the final year students about life after graduation. It’s been near enough 2 years since I started working in the dance industry as an almost graduate/graduate, and before now I don’t think I have ever stopped to think about how far I’ve come since then.

Actually, it was probably just as beneficial for me as it was for the final years! I think I needed a bit of time to reflect on the path I’ve found myself following.


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Kikki.K: Food, Exercise, Sleep Journal

I’ve made the decision to get myself back on track and make 2017 (minus 1 month) a year of health, happiness and general positivity. I’ve got the drive and I now need to equip myself with the tools to keep me focused. Enter Kikki.K.

I was searching for a gift for a friend just before Christmas when I came across the Kikki.K store in Covent Garden. I instantly fell in love with everything about this company – the look, the products, the ethos, and the attitude that it takes to basically winning at life.

With some difficulty I managed to restrain myself and only bought a beautiful gold rollerball pen, and a Food, Exercise, Sleep journal from the Inspiration range to help me get going with my new-year-new-me regime.


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The Beginning 2017

We’re approaching the end Jan. The beginning of 2017.  And as the flurry of new-year-new-me posts have started to subside, I’ve decided to hit you with another. I may be a little behind with the whole new year re-inventions but they say it’s better late than never so here goes…

For Christmas I was super excited to get a new notebook. My levels of excitement are a little sad, I know, but god damn I do love me a bit of stationary! This awesome new notebook has a really simple design in a fun neon green with the word HAPPINESS in elegant silver text on the front.

From Paperchase if you’re interested in purchasing one of these beauties. Click!


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Clinique Skin Care Routine

About a year and a  half ago I was in the midst of an undergrad final year, part-time job, dissertation juggling act while trying to maintain a social life. It was tough, and I realised that my skin tended to be the way that I would realise when I’d been stressed. As a student I’d been pretty tight with my cash and so stuck to cheaper brands for my skin care, and only splashed out on a few expensive make-up products occasionally.

It was during this time that I decided I needed to get myself clued up on skin care to avoid having to cover my face in concealer every day to hide hideous breakouts. I was earning a bit of money at this stage so I figured I could splash out a little, and that my skin was worth the investment.

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The End of The Beginning

It’s official, I’ve graduated. I’m now a fully-fledged member of the “grown-up” world. Student life is no more. Look, here’s the proof…


My final months at university were a bit unconventional as I had started back with the company I had completed my placement with part-time as a maternity cover. The whole part-time working girl / part-time dissertation writer, part-time Londoner / part-time Guildfordian, part-time organised commuter / part-time roll-out-of-bed-and-roll-into-lectures lifestyle didn’t really leave much time for thinking about how I would feel once my student life ended.

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Criss Cross Hairstyle

Have you ever had one of them days when you start watching a random Youtube clip and suddenly you look at the clock realising that you’ve just spent 5 hours clicking from link to link to link? I do this all the time. Some may say it’s a bit of a wasted day, however, it sometimes means that you find gems like this!

I have pretty long and pretty thick hair and quite frankly, most mornings I just about manage to run a comb through it before I have to dash out of the door to work. I will never understand how some commuters have time to construct the masterpieces of hair engineering upon their heads before the 8am tube. So it’s safe to say, when it comes to hair I’m definitely a nice and easy kind of girl. Nothing fussy and done in a jiffy.

This is why I LOVE Kayley Melissa’s Youtube channel. My hours of Youtube linking meant that I stumbled across her channel a couple of months back, and I knew I definitely wanted to try a few out.

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My Last Ever… Colours Ball

I’ve had a somewhat mixed relationship with Colours Ball over my time at university. It’s an awards evening for all of the sports teams and is notoriously one of the messiest nights of the year!

In first year I didn’t go, but I ended up getting all of my friends ready and then seeing them off like a mum on prom day.

In second year I went, but I only vaguely remember the evening and quite frankly wish I hadn’t gone for various reasons.

In third year I went with Pete and it was the best night ever! Well… what I can remember of it…

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My Last Ever… Scheduled Ballet Class

As I come to the end of my time as an undergraduate I’m experiencing a lot of last evers.

My last ever scheduled ballet class was a bit of a big one for me. I’ve been going to regular classes since I was 2 years old, and now I will never have a class scheduled into my day again!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop ballet altogether. It’s my favourite hobby for christ’s sakes! But it does mean that if I ever want to do a class again it will be in my own free time and chances are I’ll have to pay for it out of my own pocket. Sad times!

But I’ve enjoyed and appreciated every minute of my classes with Patrick this year, so I’m very thankful to have had him pass on some of his wisdom to me.

Standard changing room selfie!

Ready for my last class!