Kikki.K: Food, Exercise, Sleep Journal

I’ve made the decision to get myself back on track and make 2017 (minus 1 month) a year of health, happiness and general positivity. I’ve got the drive and I now need to equip myself with the tools to keep me focused. Enter Kikki.K.

I was searching for a gift for a friend just before Christmas when I came across the Kikki.K store in Covent Garden. I instantly fell in love with everything about this company – the look, the products, the ethos, and the attitude that it takes to basically winning at life.

With some difficulty I managed to restrain myself and only bought a beautiful gold rollerball pen, and a Food, Exercise, Sleep journal from the Inspiration range to help me get going with my new-year-new-me regime.


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Staying Hydrated

I don’t know about you, but I find water SO boring! It tastes of nothing… there’s nothing exciting about it. BUT we need it.

Recently I’ve been trying to really look after my body, and especially my skin. I’ve always been cursed by blemish-prone skin and so I’ve changed my skincare routine, and following a friends advice, have started to drink a heck of a lot more water. Apparently you should drink 2 litres a day. 2 LITRES!!!

It seems a bit silly to say that drinking water was hard, but I actually did find the first week kind of tough. I struggled to gulp down that last half a litre and was absolutely sick of running to the loo every 3 seconds.

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Rachel’s Running to the Beat

I like to do a lot of things. I like to dance. I like to listen to music. I like to sing a long (hopefully in a tuneful way) to said music. I like baking. I like to volunteer for awesome charity. I like to raise money for awesome charities.

I do not like running.

So obviously I signed myself up for a 10K in September.

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity that encourages self-checking to combat the late detection of breast cancer. Since hearing about the amazingly awesome things that the lovely ladies at Boob HQ get up to, to make sure that you are all checking your twins, in 2012, I have 100% supported this great cause. I was part of the Uni Boob Team at Surrey for 3 years, I’ve been to festivals with them on the Summer Boob Tour, and help out at any and every event that I can.

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