Recipe Wednesdays: Veggie Meze Board

I’m not entirely sure that I can call this a recipe, but this Wednesday I wanted to share with you my absolute fave dinner of the past week.

Served up on our huge wooden chopping board we watched week night tv nibbling at this greek feast of a veggie meze board. Super simple but really delicious and quick to make when you’ve got home from a hectic day at work.

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Recipe Wednesdays: What’s-in-the-Cupboard No-Sugar Flapjacks

I used to make this type of flapjack quite regularly after finding a recipe somewhere in the depths of the internet, but I know have no clue which recipe it was or where it can be found. So I’ve gone rogue.

This weekend we had 3 bananas leftover in the fruit bowl that were just a bit too ripe to be eaten on their own, so what better excuse to bake! Bonus points for using up loads of random last bits and bobs from the cupboard.

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Brunching: No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

This must have been theĀ most instagramable place to brunch ever!

On a sunny Saturday in May, I met Jess (bestie and brunch location-picking extrodinaire) for a bite. Jess had found No 197 Chiswick Fire Station I think on an app, and so we thought we’d give it a go.

Feeling very west-london, we waltzed into this super sleek bar & restaurant that seemed perhaps a little emptier than we’d expected. However, spotting a french door leading to the courtyard at the back, we knew that must be the place to sit.

We perched on the stools surrounding a huge breeze block centre table waiting for a cosy cushioned table on the edges and dashed as soon as one became available. Immediately bringing over glasses of water to keep us hydrated in the sunny terrace, the waiter was off to a great start.

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The Breakfast Edition: Duck and Waffle

A very successful Pinterest browse last week had me stumbling across a brilliant blog post that not only suggested a few cool activities to try out, but also made me really stop for a minute and think about my lifestyle over the past year.

Pete and I bought our first flat in London last September, I’ve had a crazy busy time in my first job as a graduate (particularly in the past few months), and I don’t think we’ve really spent that much time appreciating the incredible city that we now live in. Some weeks we’ll both be in and out and all over the place with work, and other weeks we’re so tired from all the running around that we spend every evening lounging on the sofa with a bag of Milky Bar Buttons (my all-time fave), and wasting precious city-exploring opportunities.

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Hummus Flatbread

I believe Pete and I found the recipe for this on the back of a hummus packet last year, and it has certainly become one of our fave dinners.

If you’re super keen you can make your own hummus like we do, but this recipe can be really quick to whip up if you’re short on time as well.

Serves 1 Rachel + 1 Peter or about 2.5 Rachel’s with a bit of hummus left for lunches the next day!

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Posh Bacon Butties

Weekend breakfasts are my absolute FAVE! I mean I do try to jazz up my boring weekday porridge with colourful fruits, a handful of seeds and a sprinkling of superfood, but at the end of the day, it’s still a standard super quick to make bowl of porridge. That’s why I love weekend breakfasts. Saturday and Sunday mornings are the perfect excuse to spend a bit more time in the kitchen and concoct a delicious (if a little naughty) treat!

Weekends are the only days that me and the boyf actually eat breakfast together so we always make sure that we cook up something tasty together, use our fancy coffee in the cafeteria, and take as long as we can to sit and enjoy our wonderful creation.

Fast becoming one of our favourites is Posh Bacon Butties.

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Super Easy, Super Foodie, Super Yummy Dessert

If you’re anything like me then there will always be a little room in your tummy that dinner sometimes can’t fill. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and really struggle to control the urge to run to the shop for chocolate after dinner, no matter how yummy it was. So I have to find healthier solutions to satisfy my sweet cravings.

This evening after dinner I literally just got a bowl out and chucked anything I could find in my kitchen in there. The result was so good that I had to share it with you!

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The Most Important Meal of the Day


I love breakfast. At first it may seem that cereal is the be all and end all of a morning feast, but it is oh so much more that that!

Getting creative in the kitchen is also a fantastic way to add a splash of goodness to your diet by incorporating those all important vitamins and whatnot. But if you’re anything like me, you haven’t got time to get all Jamie Oliver before you’ve got to run out of the door to get to work or that pesky 9am lecture. So this is what I do to make sure I’m setting myself up for the day in aboutĀ 5 minutes.

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