A Weekend in Paris

For my birthday in November last year, Pete took me on a surprise trip to Paris!

It was such a lovely weekend of food and sightseeing, and while we filled our time I feel like the city still has so much to explore. Here’s a few snaps of our winter weekend. I can’t wait to go back and discover more of the gems that this beautiful city has to offer!


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First Tastes of Adventure

2014 began with me realising that I had never been on holiday without family or a university trip. I hadn’t taken a gap year before starting university, and I was beginning to feel like I hadn’t seen any of the world. The fact that my boyfriend had spent a year travelling after he graduated. He’s always coming out with stories about when he was in India or Vietnam or China or New Zealand; and quite frankly I got jealous.

Time to book some flights! We soon realised how difficult it was going to be. A fight between how much annual leave Pete could take; my limited funds from an unpaid placement year; and trying to find somewhere that Pete hadn’t been to before, ensued. I was absolutely determined on that last point. I didn’t want him to spend all of our time reminiscing his travelling days.

So we finally made a decision. We were going to Sydney to spend a week and a half with Pete’s best friend who moved out there last year; and then go island hopping in the Yasawas, Fiji. Continue reading