The Breakfast Edition: Duck and Waffle

A very successful Pinterest browse last week had me stumbling across a brilliant blog post that not only suggested a few cool activities to try out, but also made me really stop for a minute and think about my lifestyle over the past year.

Pete and I bought our first flat in London last September, I’ve had a crazy busy time in my first job as a graduate (particularly in the past few months), and I don’t think we’ve really spent that much time appreciating the incredible city that we now live in. Some weeks we’ll both be in and out and all over the place with work, and other weeks we’re so tired from all the running around that we spend every evening lounging on the sofa with a bag of Milky Bar Buttons (my all-time fave), and wasting precious city-exploring opportunities.

The post on Zoë’s blog (click here to read it) was exactly what we needed to decide to start enjoying our London life.

First stop… breakfast!

Zoë’s post suggested Duck and Waffle, so we thought we’d give it a go. I headed straight to the website to try and secure a booking, which proved to be pretty difficult… this place is pop-u-lar! With a quick cross-check with the weather forecast, I managed to get a table for us at 7am on a Wednesday morning.

I’ll admit, having to leave the house at 6am to get from our west London flat to the City was a bit of a drag, but when we got to the 40th floor of the Heron tower is was totally worth it. Seeing the city wake up while we sipped our much needed coffees was pretty damn cool. I mean who wouldn’t want to breakfast with this view…

Looking at the menu I was so close to choosing the granola and yoghurt, which is right up my street for a weekday breakfast, but I had to stop myself. How can you not have a waffle on your first visit to Duck and Waffle?

In the end I picked the Banana Brûlée Waffle. And oh. my. days. it was good! Waffle, banana, caramel, vanilla ice cream and a homemade chocolate and peanut butter spread. I definitely sorted out my daily sugar intake in one sitting and I do not regret it one bit.

Pete went for the classic confit duck leg, egg, and maple syrup waffle. He said it was definitely worth a try, and that the duck was cooked to perfection, but not sure he’d do it again. I, on the other hand, would eat the Banana Brûlée Waffle everyday for the rest of my life if I could.

The service was fab, the look of the restaurant was super cool (we particularly liked the wavy yellow ceiling tiles), the view was incredible, and the food was delicious.

This was a pre-work treat of epic proportions, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to splash out a little before knuckling down for a day at the office. It’s city location I think also makes it a great spot to take clients, and we’re keeping it in mind for when our international friends visit.


We’ve decided to do breakfast like this once a month if we can, so we’re now on the look out for other cool spots to try in London. Suggestions welcome for the next Breakfast Edition…



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