The End of The Beginning

It’s official, I’ve graduated. I’m now a fully-fledged member of the “grown-up” world. Student life is no more. Look, here’s the proof…


My final months at university were a bit unconventional as I had started back with the company I had completed my placement with part-time as a maternity cover. The whole part-time working girl / part-time dissertation writer, part-time Londoner / part-time Guildfordian, part-time organised commuter / part-time roll-out-of-bed-and-roll-into-lectures lifestyle didn’t really leave much time for thinking about how I would feel once my student life ended.

The full realisation of this didn’t actually occur to me until about 2 months into graduate life. I was getting ready for work listening to Radio 1 over summer, and it was just call after call from excitable teens celebrating their A Level and GCSE results. I checked Facebook to see if anyone I knew had gotten into university. No-one. I have reached the stage in life where I flick through my news feed and see friends buying flats, getting engaged, getting married, going travelling and buying new toasters. It’s all pretty exciting stuff (especially the toasters).

The best part of this realisation? I’m TOTALLY ok with it! Toasters are great! And seeing all my friends moving onto new exciting stages of their life is really exciting and inspiring.

Yes there are some things that I miss about being at university… being able to wake up at 1pm with no guilt… being able to go to the gym at a time when there are actually free treadmills… and rather boringly the studying! (There must be post in there.)

But what I’ve come to realise that this is just the end of the beginning. It’s the end of one chapter in my life. And what a bloody good chapter it was! Now? I am SO ready for the next chapter. Bring on the new experiences and responsibilities. I definitely want to revisit the studying chapter at some point, but for the time being, I am 100% happy being a graduate and 100% ok with being in the chunky, eventful, and unknown middle section in the story of my life.


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