Criss Cross Hairstyle

Have you ever had one of them days when you start watching a random Youtube clip and suddenly you look at the clock realising that you’ve just spent 5 hours clicking from link to link to link? I do this all the time. Some may say it’s a bit of a wasted day, however, it sometimes means that you find gems like this!

I have pretty long and pretty thick hair and quite frankly, most mornings I just about manage to run a comb through it before I have to dash out of the door to work. I will never understand how some commuters have time to construct the masterpieces of hair engineering upon their heads before the 8am tube. So it’s safe to say, when it comes to hair I’m definitely a nice and easy kind of girl. Nothing fussy and done in a jiffy.

This is why I LOVE Kayley Melissa’s Youtube channel. My hours of Youtube linking meant that I stumbled across her channel a couple of months back, and I knew I definitely wanted to try a few out.

I present, the criss cross. Links: &


I actually found this hairstyle on a shared tutorial with Twist Me Pretty as a day to night style.

I wore this style to work and it was perfect as it added a little bit of cool detail, while also keeping my hair out of my face. There’s nothing worse than having to flick hair out of your face while you’re frantically trying to get through your to do list.

Definitely check out Kayley’s channel for loads of cool hairstyles, including some amazing braids! I’ll totally be trying some more soon!


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