Rachel’s Running to the Beat

I like to do a lot of things. I like to dance. I like to listen to music. I like to sing a long (hopefully in a tuneful way) to said music. I like baking. I like to volunteer for awesome charity. I like to raise money for awesome charities.

I do not like running.

So obviously I signed myself up for a 10K in September.

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity that encourages self-checking to combat the late detection of breast cancer. Since hearing about the amazingly awesome things that the lovely ladies at Boob HQ get up to, to make sure that you are all checking your twins, in 2012, I have 100% supported this great cause. I was part of the Uni Boob Team at Surrey for 3 years, I’ve been to festivals with them on the Summer Boob Tour, and help out at any and every event that I can.

A couple of months ago, I volunteered for CoppaFeel! at the BeFIT exhibition in London. We spent the day encouraging insanely toned and crazy fit women to #GetABoobOn and sign up to a challenge to raise money for the charity. Anything from a run in their local park, to climbing mountains.

This day made me aware of 2 things:

1. I needed to invest in some new leggings.

So I did…

Teeki Leggings

Leggings from Teeki – http://www.teeki.co.uk

SUPER comfy, AWESOME print, and AMAZINGLY made of recycled plastic bottles!

2. I am nowhere near as fit as I used to be.

I realised that since not having a goal to train for, my motivation to hit the gym has pretty much disappeared.

In 2013 I ‘ran’ the Bath Half Marathon with my friends Jess and James, however, Jess suffered a nasty injury about 5 miles in so we kind of walked/hobbled/almost crawled that last 8 miles. I am super proud of finishing, but I don’t really count it as running the Bath Half.

In 2014 I thought I’d give it another go, but with a ridiculously hectic schedule I did practically no training and genuinely struggled to get round the 13 miles. I was so disappointed and vowed I’d never run again.

The night when I got home from BeFIT I signed up to the Sure Run to the Beat 10K at Wembley in September. It might not be as far as a half marathon, but this will be the first time I run an event like this on my own, and following my decline in training, will be a real physical challenge for me.

Let the training begin!

For more information about CoppaFeel! visit www.coppafeel.org and if you would like to sponsor me, please visit my Just Giving page at www.justgiving.com/Rachel-Ryan5/ and I will love you forever!


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