Tired of London, Tired of Life

Between us, Peter and I have lived in London for about 2 years now. I moved to West Kensington last year for my placement year and then six months later Peter’s job moved to Hammersmith, and then I moved back to Guildford to finish my degree while Peter moved to Acton with the boys. A bit all over the place, yes, but overall, it’s just easier to say that we’ve both been living in London for 2 years.

It’s an amazing city and we’re both really happy to be here right now, but it came to our attention only recently that we’re not exactly experiencing the city for all it’s worth. We’d struggle to find ideas for things to do on the weekend and end up doing the same thing again and again, or we’d go somewhere else like Brighton or Bath or Bristol for a day out rather than stay local.


So when Peter got this book as a Christmas gift from his parents this year it opened our eyes. Tired of London, Tired of Life by Tom Jones is a book full of things to do in our beautiful capital. One thing to do for every day of the year. It’s fantastic! (Definitely recommend buying it, or storing as a gift idea.)

Realistically we can’t actually complete the whole thing in a year due to some activities falling on a weekday when we are at work, and others falling on Sundays when the activity isn’t open. So we’ve decided to try and do every activity but not necessarily in order, or on the day specified.

So far we’ve signed off a few so stay tuned for posts about what we’ve gotten up to!

Tired of London, Tired of Life – available on Amazon


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