My Mini-Bucket List Update!

Back in November I let you in on my mini-bucket list of things that I want to do before I leave uni this summer. It’s the start of Easter break and with one term to go it’s time for an update!

  1. Sort out my Linkdin account
  2. Help CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Team Surrey raise over £1,000
    DONE! And still counting!
  3. Go to at least 2 post-grad open days
  4. Have a job lined up for after graduation
  5. Drop a dress size
    Bikini bod is on its way!
  6. Get that elusive oversplit nailed
    Not quite yet…
  7. Sing a solo in something
  8. Get my finances in order
  9. Become a qualified ballet teacher (with a good mark)
  10. Downsize my life – get rid of any rubbish I’m storing in my room
    It’s on it’s way but I think this will be a job for when I’m packing up to leave halls.
  11. Go on a ski holiday
    DONE! Leaving for the beautiful island of Mykonos in T minus 82 days!
  12. Read at least 3 non-fiction books before graduation
    DONE! Love that I’ve got back into reading 🙂

Looks like it’s going well so far all that’s left to go is to drop a dress size, get an overspilt and downsize my life. Easy!


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