Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

In the past year I have discovered the wonder that is baking. While on placement last year I turned into a bit of a housewife as the boyfriend regularly came home from work to find a fresh batch of cupcakes or exciting dinner cooking away in the oven. However, this does not mean I’m any good at baking. I simply enjoy it. And the boyfriend has ever complained… yet!

So when I went over to his empty flat last night I scanned the kitchen for any kind of inspiration. Spotting 2 apples I headed to my favourite website Baking Mad and searched for a recipe by ingredients.

What I love about cupcakes and muffins is that you just stick it all in one bowl with no fuss and they only take about 20 minutes to cook. Bingo! Apple and Cinnamon muffins.

The house was immediately filled with the most delicious autumnal smells.

So remember when I said I wasn’t the best baker? The lighting is a bit funny in the picture, but they did go a lovely shade of brown and rose nicely.

The recipe also says to dice the apples and admittedly I may have diced them a little large but I think next time I’ll try grating the apples.

But all in all I got the “Mmm” seal of approval from the boyfriend.

If you’ve got a couple of apples lying around this recipe is definitely worth a try.

Attempt 1: Yummy.



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